The Falmouth Charter Enactment

For King and Kernow

Wednesday 5th October 2011.


Falmouth is celebrating the 350th anniversary of the granting of its Charter – when Falmouth officially became Falmouth. The Charter 350 group, supported by a grant of £38,800 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, is celebrating with an enactment through the town called For King and Kernow – an outdoor promenade piece of theatre/spectacle.

The enactment will range over a wide area of the Falmouth landscape. The premise is two opposing armies, made up of children from the Falmouth schools and local organisations, groups and societies, taking over two distinct areas of the town. The two armies – the Royalists (from Prince of Wales pier) and the Parliamentarians (from the Moor) – will parade through the town before meeting up at Events Square for a choreographed skirmish.

The enactment will be performed twice in the daytime on Wednesday 5th October and will start 10am and 1pm, departing from the Moor and Prince of Wales Pier.

Along the way through the town there will be exciting scenes –  muskets from church towers, horses on street corners, and a huge battle in Events Square with cavalry (of sorts!) and pyrotechnics. So follow the two armies and enjoy a view of Falmouth as you’ve never seen it before!

50 years ago the town celebrated the 300th anniversary – warships in the harbour, bands playing, church services, parades, etc. We would now like to celebrate our heritage, both royalist and parliamentarian, and play our part in Falmouth’s wonderful and colourful history.

There will also be a production at the Falmouth Poly of a new play called Remember, which details the siege of Pendennis – the playwright comments that at the time of the siege ‘It was such big news that if there had been TV and a six o’clock news the progress of Pendennis would have been the lead story every day from March to August!



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January 5, 2016