Past Work

Collective Arts Ltd. was formed from the successful Cornish Theatre Company – The Cornish Theatre Collective. The company was created by visionary theatre director Dominic Knutton. Although members of the company had produced some early work together from 1994 onwards, The Cornish Theatre Collective was officially launched in 1997 with it’s inaugural production of Justin Chubb’s play Bohelland. The company went on to achieve increasing success, most notably with the UK Premiere adaptation of Paulo Cohelo’s The Alchemist and the Ordinalia Miracle play cycles in St Just-in-Penwith between 2000-2004. After Dom’s tragic death the Company has continued the work to this day as Collective Arts. This page is an archive of work created by the company in both it’s incarnations.

A First World War Centenary commemorative event at Levant Mine Levant Mine. Front Line. ‘Courage does not count here’ The 1st July 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme. On this one day alone in 1916 the British casualties totalled nearly 58,000 troops, with over 19,000 killed. As part of the First World War Centenary commemoration a remarkable event will take place near the cliff tops at Levant Mine in Cornwall. Organised by Collective Arts Ltd, a theatre company that specialises in large scale community productions, The Trench explores and celebrates the lives of Cornish miners serving on the Front Line during the First World War. This theatrical experience will simulate life in the trenches using an area of ‘No Man’s Land’ landscape at Levant Mine. Audience members will become participants who ‘enlist’ and are given a real identity, taken to the trenches and discover for themselves the realities of life on the Western Front and the build up to going over the top. The experience will culminate in the mess tent, where participants will discover the real-life fate of their assigned character in a fascinating exhibition curated by the National Trust. The project is a partnership between Levant Mine and the National Trust, Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, Miracle Theatre, Tremough University and local schools in Penwith. Research is well underway and locals in Penwith, the St Just and Pendeen Old Cornwall Society, along with students from Tremough are helping uncover information relevant to the production. Performance dates are from Friday 1st July through to Sunday 10th July 2016 inclusive. Please note there is no performance on Monday 4th July 2016. This production only runs for 9 days and is limited to 60 people maximum per performance. It is advised to book early and tickets will be on sale early 2016. Not suitable for under 12 years or the faint of heart. Sturdy footwear and warm clothing essential!!! Enlist! Kit, rations and identity provided. Join a Cornish regiment, survive in the trench, and go over the top and into No Man’s Land. Participants are encouraged to be courageous under fire, and above all, to return. Generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, FEAST and the National Trust. ———————————- The brief line ‘Courage does not count here’ is part of a letter one soldier wrote before he was killed that encapsulated the terrible conditions on the Western Front – ‘Courage does not count here. It is all nerve. Once that goes…’