Bohelland (2003)

A Revival of our First Production for the Minack Theatre

A new play by Justin Chubb

Bohelland is a brooding Cornish tragedy told in a bold and daring physical style. The audience is transported to the Cornwall of 1618, where corruption, smuggling and witchcraft form the backdrop of this desolate story.

The Cornish Theatre Collective was very proud to be opening the tour at the cliffside Minack Theatre in Porthcurno, whose unique atmosphere and relationship with the elements make it a venue that could have been built for the staging of Bohelland.

“With thoughtful use of the Cornish Language in song and dialogue, CTC have proved, once again, their major contribution to theatre in Cornwall”
Western Morning News

“Bohelland is a tale of shipwreck and smuggling, rotten boroughs and corruption, foul and dark deeds. Garnished with Cornish music, dancing and language, it is a compelling illustrated chapter of Cornish history. Directed by Dominic Knutton, from its shipwreck – a striking scene all would be directors of The Tempest should note – to its drum driven election of the mock mayor of Penryn, it is an inventive, imaginative piece of physical theatre” 
The Cornishman

“Bohelland was brilliant. I found it very MacBethian – but even more Cornish than Mab Beth. This is excellent – CTC have brought Kernewek to more people in theatre than any one else.”
Pol Hodge

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